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That Makes Two; New 3 on 6™ Provider in Colorado

WHEAT RIDGE, COLORADO - Mile High Stadium can provide both thrilling entertainment and heartbreaking upsets for Denver Broncos fans. Just four miles away though, Reclaim Dentistry only provides smiles. Dr. Kevin Schwandt's newly opened practice is now seeing patients and offering the life-changing 3 on 6™ treatment. The 3 on 6™ is the best smile restoration option available, replacing missing or unhealthy teeth using permanent dental implants and bridges.

"We find the 3 on 6™ to be the most optimal and most natural reconstruction of the human dentition," said Dr. Schwandt. "The most significant and exciting advantage, however, is the preservation and rebuilding of healthy bone and gum tissue." Other more well-known smile restoration procedures such as the All-On-4 or All-on-X often require healthy bone in the patient's mouth to be removed to make space for the fake gums that accompany these bulky prosthetics. This is not the case with the 3 on 6™. Patients get to keep their natural bone and gum and enjoy a smile that looks, feels, and functions naturally.

Dr. Schwandt explained that because of advancements in technologies as well as updated methodologies and treatment protocols, patients can now receive better treatment at a lower cost. "These full mouth treatments that could otherwise cost $60,000-90,000 are now able to be offered for $30,000-60,000." The cost savings of the 3 on 6™ is allowing many people to receive life improving restorative dentistry who previously felt priced out of any options.

Dr. Kevin Schwandt of Reclaim Dentistry with his staff

The 3 on 6™ procedure was developed by Dr. Randy Roberts in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2013 as a permanent, implant supported solution for people needing all of their teeth replaced. Effectively it replaces a full mouth of teeth with dental implants and bridges. The motivation behind the creation of the procedure was to preserve the patient's healthy bone and reduce the cost of restoring a permanent smile to an edentulous patient. The use of 3D printers, intraoral, tomography, and photogrammetry scanners, surgical guides, and other technologies have allowed doctors to offer predictable 3 on 6™ treatment with an extremely high success rate. Reclaim joins a network of other 3 on 6™ providers throughout the United States and is the second 3 on 6™ authorized provider in Colorado along with Smile Clinic. Reclaim Dentistry provides service to the areas of Denver, Lakewood, Aurora, Boulder, Wheat Ridge, Golden, Arvada, Westminster, Thornton, Northglenn, Lakeside, Edgewater, Morrison, Broomfield, Lafayette, Littleton, Columbine, and more.

Learn more about 3 on 6™ treatment from Reclaim Dentistry.

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