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The Land of Peaches Gets Better for Patients

DAWSONVILLE, GEORGIA – If you’re looking for better smile restoration treatment options near Atlanta, you’re in luck! Dr. Michael Stanley of Timber Ridge Dental Center is now the state’s first provider of the revolutionary 3 on 6™ procedure. This smile restoration treatment is unique in that it permanently restores the patient’s teeth without the bone removal or frustrating maintenance that other treatment options require. 


Dr. Stanley brings more to the dental chair than just years of experience and education. Through his military service and doing volunteer work in South America where he became fluent in Spanish, he has gained many skills and empathy for people from all backgrounds. Dr. Stanley considers himself not just a dentist, but a healthcare provider who genuinely cares about your oral and overall health. 

Dr. Stanley with a dental patient
Dr. Stanley with a dental patient

In 2023, Dr. Stanley decided he wanted to offer a better teeth replacement option than the All-on-4 which wouldn’t require him to remove healthy bone from his patients. He attended the full arch rehabilitation course by Smile Systems in Salt Lake City, Utah, learning new techniques and protocols to offer a more conservative and permanent treatment option, the 3 on 6.  


“I never enjoyed the aggressive nature of removing bone just to have space for a huge set of teeth like other options,” said Dr. Stanley. “If we can confidently use all of someone’s bone and maintain their own gums with a full set of teeth on implants, we have the ultimate full mouth teeth solution with the 3 on 6™.” 


The 3 on 6™ procedure was developed by Dr. Randy Roberts of Smile Clinic in 2013 as a permanent, implant supported solution for full arch teeth replacement. The procedure utilizes six implants and three zirconia bridges to permanently restore a patient’s teeth. Dr. Roberts developed the procedure as an alternative to other options and to preserve the patient's healthy bone and make a more hygienic and esthetic smile. The use of 3D printers, intraoral, tomography, and photogrammetry scanners, surgical guides, and other technologies, allows 3 on 6 providers to offer predictable, high-quality treatment with an extremely high success rate. 


Dr. Stanley believes the 3 on 6 is the ideal choice for most patients. He explained, “On all accounts, 3 on 6 is almost always the ideal plan. 3 on 6 is the most conservative, aesthetic, and cleansable implant option available on the market." 


Timber Ridge Dental Center in Dawsonville, Georgia
Timber Ridge Dental Center

When compared to other popular treatment options like All-On-4 or All-on-X, the 3 on 6™ stands out because of its ability to preserve the patient's bone and require very low maintenance. While an All-on-X restoration distributes biting forces across a large, bulky artificial gum, the 3 on 6™ uses segmented bridges, allowing for greater implant stimulation and contributing to long term bone health. Patients love the natural look and feel of the teeth in their mouth. In addition, a 3 on 6™ can be cleaned by the patient with standard brushing and flossing. Unlike an All-on-X, a dentist will never need to remove the restoration for cleaning or replace worn down parts.  To patients considering the various options available, Dr. Stanley added, “There’s no solution with a better day-to-day routine, maintenance, and warranty out there. These are key factors that should be considered in this life changing decision.” 

 Dr. Stanley and Timber Ridge Dental Center proudly serve the areas of Dawsonville, Marietta, Atlanta, Athens, Ball Ground, Talking Rock, Jasper, Dahlonega, Cleveland, Gainesville, Cornelia, Flowery Branch, Cumming, Duford, Suwanee, Duluth, Lawrenceville, Alpharetta, Norcross, Sandy Springs, Woodstock, Canton, Kennesaw, and more. 


You can learn more here about 3 on 6™ treatment from Timber Ridge Dental Center. 

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