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New York Dentist Offers New 3 on 6™ Smiles

BEFORD HILLS, NEW YORK – When they want to escape the hustle and bustle of The Big Apple, celebrities such as Ryan Reynolds, Mariah Carey, and Donald Trump call Bedford, New York, home. Here, Dr. Diego Herrera of Bedford Dental Care is offering premiere smile restoration services as the state’s first 3 on 6™ provider. This revolutionary treatment option permanently restores teeth with the use of dental implants and bridges. 


Dr. Herrera grew up in Astoria Queens, spending his days after school in his mother’s dental practice. His mother’s patients were so happy that it wasn’t until he was an adult that he realized most people don’t love going to the dentist. He graduated from Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine and then purchased Bedford Dental Care with his wife, Dr. Sara Katz. 


Desiring to offer the best solutions in dentistry to his patients, Dr. Herrera attended the 3 on 6™ Full Mouth Rehabilitation course from Smile Systems in 2024. The four-day course includes classroom as well as hands-on surgical learning to help dentists provide conservative smile restoration techniques using the 3 on 6™ treatment protocol. Dr. Herrera expressed his enthusiasm to add this skillset to his abilities as a dentist. 

“I’m excited to provide patients with a minimally invasive and superior alternative to what is currently on the market. The way this procedure changes a patient’s life is beyond rewarding to be a part of. I am grateful to be able to provide this state-of-the-art procedure for our patients.” 

Dr. Diego Herrera performing 3 on 6 surgery

The 3 on 6™ procedure was developed by Dr. Randy Roberts of Smile Clinic in 2013 as a permanent, implant supported solution for full arch teeth replacement. The procedure utilizes six implants and three zirconia bridges to permanently restore a patient’s teeth. Dr. Roberts developed the procedure to preserve the patient's healthy bone and make a more hygienic and esthetic smile. The vast improvements in technology over the past 30 years has allowed 3 on 6™ providers to offer predictable, high-quality treatment with an extremely high success rate. 


Dr. Herrera believes that the 3 on 6™ is superior in many ways over other treatment options. “We believe it is the most minimally invasive, most natural looking and feeling full arch implant prosthetic,” he explained. 


When compared to other popular treatment options like All-On-4 or All-on-X, the 3 on 6™ stands out because of its ability to preserve the patient's bone and require very low maintenance. While an All-on-X restoration distributes biting forces across a large, bulky artificial gum, the 3 on 6™ uses segmented bridges, allowing for greater implant stimulation and contributing to long term bone health. Patients love the natural look and feel of the teeth in their mouth. In addition, a 3 on 6™ can be cleaned by the patient with standard brushing and flossing. Unlike an All-on-X, a dentist will never need to remove the restoration for cleaning or replacing worn down parts. 

Dr. Herrera believes that when a patient researches and educates themselves on smile restoration options, they will naturally gravitate towards 3 on 6™. He explained, “3 on 6™ is the most natural looking and feeling solution. It is also the only truly permanent implant restoration that does not have to be removed yearly for costly maintenance.” 

Bedford Dental Care lobby

Dr. Herrera and Bedford Dental Care proudly serve the areas of Bedford, Mt. Kisco, Katonah, Chappaqua, Pleasantville, White Plains, Yonkers, Greenwich, Elmsford, Danbury, Brooklyn, Queens, Newark, New Jersey, New Haven, Westchester County, Putnam County, and more. 


You can learn more here about 3 on 6™ treatment from Bedford Dental Care. 

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