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Miracle Mouth Treatment in Motor City

PLYMOUTH, MICHIGAN – Nestled between the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and “Motor City” Detroit, Dr. Ben Covington of Covington Dental is providing an alternative to dentures. As the newest licensed 3 on 6™ provider, Dr. Covington providers a revolutionary smile restoration option that utilizes implants and bridges to create a permanent and hygienic smile. 


Dr. Covington is a third-generation dentist, going back to his grandfather who became a dentist in the 1950’s. You might say that dentistry is in his DNA. After graduating from the University of Michigan School of Dentistry, he began taking hundreds of hours of advanced education courses in dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, and full mouth rehabilitation. 

His passion for dentistry and improving his skillset led him to Smile Systems. In 2024, Dr. Covington attended the 3 on 6™ Full Mouth Rehabilitation course in Salt Lake City, Utah. Dr. Covington shared why he felt the need to develop the skills to be able to offer this unique restorative option. 


“Many implant treatments require us to remove large amounts of gum and bone from around the teeth, but the 3 on 6™ preserves these important structures. This allows the teeth to look and feel more natural than any other implant procedures out there.” 


The 3 on 6™ procedure was developed by Dr. Randy Roberts of Smile Clinic in 2013 as a permanent, implant supported solution for full arch teeth replacement. The procedure utilizes six implants and three zirconia bridges to permanently restore a patient’s teeth. Dr. Roberts developed the procedure to preserve the patient's healthy bone and make a more hygienic and esthetic smile. Vast improvements in technology over the past 30 years allows 3 on 6™ providers to offer predictable, high-quality treatment with an extremely high success rate. 


Dr. Covington after 3 on 6 training
Dr. Covington receiving his 3 on 6™ Certificate

“With the 3 on 6™, I can now provide a treatment that restores patients' smiles without the need for fake gums or bulky teeth replacements,” said Covington. “It is the best thing to come to implant dentistry in a long time.” 


When compared to other popular treatment options like All-On-4 or All-on-X, the 3 on 6™ stands out because of its ability to preserve the patient's bone and tissue. While an All-on-X restoration distributes biting forces across a large, bulky artificial gum, the 3 on 6™ uses segmented bridges, allowing for greater implant stimulation and contributing to long term bone health. 


Additionally, the 3 on 6™ can easily be cleaned by the patient with standard brushing and flossing. Unlike an All-on-X, a dentist will never need to remove the restoration for cleaning or replacing worn down parts. Patients love the natural look and feel of the teeth in their mouth. 

Dr. Ben Covington of Detroit Michigan in dental surgery
Dr. Covington during 3 on 6™ surgery

While it may not be the solution for everyone, Dr. Covington urges patients to consider the unique advantages of 3 on 6™ smile restoration. 


“It is a treatment that allows us to preserve the patient's natural gums, giving a more life-like look. We can also preserve more natural bone than traditional full mouth implant treatments. While a lot of full mouth implant treatments have bulky teeth, the 3 on 6 feels slim and slender, just like natural teeth.” 

 Dr. Covington and Covington Dental proudly serve the areas of Plymouth, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Northville, Canton, Livonia, Novi, Farmington Hills, Westland, Wayne, Ypsilanti, Royal Oak, Wixom, Dearborn, South Lyon, and more. 


You can learn more here about 3 on 6™ treatment from Covington Dental. 


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