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Join The 3 on 6™ Community Facebook Group

Many current and prospective patients are currently on Facebook and are looking for support and answers to questions. A Facebook group has been created to allow for discussions among those who have already received treatment and those looking into it, as well as many 3 on 6™ clinician providers.

The group has hundreds of members who have conversations about their experiences and progress and answer questions. Some members in the group are there simply to offer emotional support and encouragement. Brenna, a group member who recently began 3 on 6™ treatment, commented on how the group had helped her in her treatment journey.

“A lot of people in the group had either had the 3 on 6™ or they were looking into it. So there was a lot of questions and answers there, and that was extremely helpful for me. There’s all kinds of people with all kinds of problems.”

You can find the group by logging into your Facebook account and clicking on this link:


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