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3 on 6™ Provider Now in Denver, Colorado

DENVER, CO — A new 3 on 6 certified dental surgical center is opening its doors in Denver, Colorado in April of 2019, called Smile Clinic Colorado. 3 on 6 certified offices are the sole providers of the revolutionary 3 on 6 permanent smile restoration service nationwide. Smile Clinic Colorado will also offer other cosmetic dentistry and permanent restoration procedures, such as the All On 4, while also offering dental implants at competitive prices.

Dr. Traver Maxwell of Smile Clinic Colorado

“I’m very happy to be working at Smile Clinic Colorado and providing the revolutionary 3 on 6,” said Dr. Traver Maxwell, DMD. Dr Maxwell is the Dentist at the new clinic and has been practicing dentistry since 2008. “This is such an amazing procedure, and to be able to be first to bring it to the Denver area is really exciting. As a dentist, it’s really fulfilling to be able to impact people’s lives in such a positive way.” The 3 on 6 procedure was developed in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2013 as a permanent full mouth, implant supported solution for people needing all of their teeth replaced without dentures. Dr. Maxwell explains, “For a long time the only solution for someone needing to replace all of their teeth was a denture. Dentures are awkward, require a lot of maintenance, and are actually unhealthy for you for a lot of reasons. Now with dental implant technology, we can provide a beautiful, healthy smile that never needs to be removed, and can be maintained pretty much the way you would your own teeth, with brushing and flossing.” With the quickly changing landscape of dental technology, Smile Clinic locations pride themselves in utilizing the best technology to create their smiles at a fraction of the cost of their competitors. According to Dr. Maxwell, “What used to take several days, getting impressions, making models, designing and building teeth by hand, can now be done, mostly, by scanners, software, and printers. The equipment is a considerable investment, but over time makes the cost of the restoration much more affordable for patients. Many people who were stuck with dentures, can now afford a permanent smile that looks and functions like their real teeth.” Smile Clinic Colorado proudly serves the residents of the Denver Metro area and beyond.

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Do you have a Dentist in North Carolina, or can you recommend a dentist that does the 3 on 6 procedure in North Carolina?

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