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Is 3 on 6™ in Turkey or Mexico?

If you’re researching restorative dental treatment, you’ve likely heard about people traveling to Mexico and Turkey for cost savings dental treatment. You may have also come across the benefits of the 3 on 6™ smile restoration procedure and wondered if it is available in some of these countries.

The 3 on 6™ is a proprietary full arch replacement procedure developed by Smile Systems over more than a decade. Millions of dollars and countless hours in research and development by our dental experts and lab professionals. The 3 on 6™ offers teeth that are extremely beautiful, functional, natural feeling and looking, and long-lasting. In addition to the hardware a patient receives in their mouth, we have developed better surgical techniques to provide a quicker recovery, better tissue development, and a more comfortable experience for patients.

As the 3 on 6™ gained in popularity among dentists, Smile Systems Institute was established to facilitate the training and certifying of dental providers on the 3 on 6™ protocol. Our institute employs the most experienced smile restoration experts in the United States, teaching doctors these techniques and methods through lectures, the deployment of cutting-edge technology, practice on models, and finally, supervised surgery on real patients. Doctors leave their training prepared to use the most advanced practices in restorative dentistry in order to achieve the best possible results. We’re proud of what we’ve created and couldn’t be happier for our patients. We also have the utmost confidence in our licensed and trained 3 on 6™ providers.

We want what is best for our patients and we want our brand represented correctly. While Mexico and Turkey have become popular dental tourism destinations, there are no 3 on 6™ providers in Mexico or Turkey. We have come across offices, including in the United States, that steal images and falsely claim to offer this procedure. These false claims can cause confusion for patients as they research their options. Many of these countries don’t offer legal avenues to prevent people from fraudulently using our brand. To be clear, only offices and providers listed on the 3 on 6™ website are trained and certified to offer 3 on 6™ treatment. The list of authorized providers can be found here:

While we understand that some decide to pursue dental treatment abroad and have positive experiences, our doctors frequently treat patients who have had substandard work done in another country. It is important to us and the integrity of the 3 on 6™ brand that patients understand that the treatment offered in Mexico and Turkey is not 3 on 6™ treatment, despite what they may be told.

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Peter Schott
Peter Schott
15 de jan.

Are they solid or removable

Amy Brown
Amy Brown
04 de mai.
Respondendo a

I’m not a professional but I’ve done plenty of research on this procedure and if it is the true 3 on 6 procedure that I am pretty sure was developed by Dr. Randy Robert’s out of Utah at the smile clinic then no they are not removable. Once you get your finals in you would have to go back periodically to have the provider remove them for cleaning and such.

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