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Comparing 10-Year Costs of Dental Maintenance: Dentures, All-on-4, 3 on 6™, and Natural Teeth

Apart from the upfront costs of dentures, All-on-4, and 3 on 6™, patients should also consider the long-term maintenance costs of these options. Understanding the ongoing financial commitments can provide valuable insights for individuals planning their oral healthcare. This article is intended to inform you about the costs of maintaining these various dental situations over 10 years.


Maintenance Item


Hard reline ($600 - 2x in 10 years)


Soft reline ($300 - 3x in 10 years)


General repairs ($300 x 4 repairs )


Denture replacement (every 7-10 years)


Adhesive products ($84/year)


Cleaning products ($60/year)


Average ownership cost over 10 years


Dentures offer a traditional solution for those missing teeth, but their maintenance costs can accumulate over time. Denture wearers face various expenses, the most substantial being the replacement of the dentures themselves. A denture lifespan is usually 7 to 10 years and replacements typically cost around $4,000, constituting a significant portion of the total expenses.

One of the chief complaints of dentures is that they stop fitting appropriately. As the bone and tissue dissolve and shrink, the dentist will recommend hard and soft relines to adjust the denture to create a better fit. These services cost around $600 and $300 respectively and will be done multiple times in a 10-year period. Chips and damages to the dentures are not uncommon and repair costs can amount to approximately $1,200 over a decade.

The daily use costs of dentures can also add up quickly. Patients spend about $84 each year on adhesive products to help the denture stay secure in their mouth. In addition, they spend about $60 a year on cleaning products to remove bacteria from the denture.

While dentures may seem like a low-cost way to deal with failing teeth, the maintenance costs and deceptively high, averaging nearly $900 per year for the patient.

Denture being cleaned in a liquid solution


Maintenance Item


Standard dental cleanings ($125/year)


Removal cleanings ($500/year)


General repairs


Average ownership cost over 10 years


All-on-4 provides a fixed, implant-supported prosthesis for those missing multiple teeth. While offering enhanced stability and functionality, this option comes with its own set of maintenance costs.

All-on-4 can be made from various materials including acrylic, porcelain, and zirconia. The materials used can sometimes be damaged, especially near the fake gingiva, requiring expensive fixes. All-on-4 patients average about $1,200 in repair work over 10 years of ownership.

While patients should have semi-annual cleanings, the All-on-4 is that should be removed at least once a year in these cleanings to be properly cleaned. These cleanings are not only more work for the hygienist, but the dentist should replace the connecting screws which become weakened after removal. A patient with All-on-4 treatment can expect to pay approximately $500 for the removal cleanings and $125 for the standard cleanings, each year over 10 years.

All-on-4 removed for cleaning
All-on-4 removed to clean off tartar buildup

3 on 6™

Maintenance Item


Standard dental cleanings ($250/year)


General repairs


Average ownership cost over 10 years


The 3 on 6™ treatment was created as a permanent smile restoration option that didn’t require bone or tissue removal. The six implants and three segmented bridges are designed to create sufficient stimulation to preserve bone and to be easily cleansable by a patient.

Patients with 3 on 6™ should maintain a standard dental hygiene schedule. These visits are the same as patients with natural teeth and don’t require removal of the teeth or replacement of parts. Standard hygiene visits over 10 years will cost around $3,000.

While damage to the zirconia bridges is very rare, personal health and hygiene is the greatest factor in the long-term health of a 3 on 6 smile. Most patients won’t need any repairs done over 10 years with their 3 on 6 smile, making the average about $500 during that time frame. Overall, the long-term maintenance cost of 3 on 6™ is one of the lowest of all smile options.

3 on 6 bridges being cleaned and flossed at home
3 on 6™ bridges being flossed at home

Natural Teeth

Maintenance Item


Standard cleanings ($320/year)


General repairs ($350/year)


Average ownership cost over 10 years


Maintaining natural teeth remains the ideal scenario for many individuals, both from a functional and financial perspective. Patients should be on a regular dental hygiene schedule with their dentist to maintain their oral health and catch any problems early. These cleanings will cost about $3,200 over a 10-year period, which will include mostly standard cleanings and some deep cleanings.

Additionally, an estimated $3,500 will be spent on various dental procedures, including fillings, crowns, implants, or other restorative work, as needed. For aging patients or those with failing dentition, this number can actually be much higher.

Dental patient during a hygiene visit


In conclusion, the up-front costs of dental treatment aren’t the only costs to consider. The 10-year costs of ownership for maintaining dental health can vary significantly depending on the chosen treatment. It is important to remember that doing nothing also comes with costs, first to the patient’s health and then financial costs later when receiving dental treatment becomes critical to health and comfort.

If you are in the process of deciding which path is best for you, consider a consultation with an authorized 3 on 6™ provider. These providers can provide both 3 on 6™ and All-on-X treatment, so you can rest assured that all your options are being considered. The numbers provided above are based on the author's research and historical information from patients. Actual numbers will vary between individuals, and the estimates provided are not a guarantee for individual situations.

Average ownership costs of smile treatments including All on 4, 3 on 6, dentures

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No doubt 3on6 is the way to go, the others don't make sense when you compare them. I need uppers and lowers (full restoration) I'm going to look into it, I live in the Tampa Bay area.

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