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Out with the old,
in with the new.

Imagine your life eating pain-free and smiling with confidence with natural looking and feeling teeth.

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a revolution in full mouth smile restoration



Designed to last a lifetime. Once placed, implant bridges never need to be removed for cleanings.


Made to feel natural when eating and speaking. Brushing and flossing can be done from home without removal.


Healthy bone in your jaw doesn't need to be removed to fit the 3 on 6 bridges. No diet restrictions after finals. 


The natural gum line is used in a 3 on 6. Made to enhance the natural beauty of the face.


Limited Lifetime Guarantee

Our 3 on 6™ procedure comes with a limited lifetime guarantee. Our goal is to make your new 3 on 6™ smile last you for the rest of your life. By following our guidelines and oral health directions, we know that it can happen! After you receive your new 3 on 6™ smile, you are covered with a limited lifetime guarantee.

Ask your doctor for more details. 

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3 on 6 vs All on 4
  • Bone and tissues preserved at surgery

  • Strong zirconia teeth are secured with six implants, no fake gums

  • Functions and feels like natural teeth

  • Clean at home without ever being removed

  • Segmented bridges stimulate implants and protect against bone loss

or All-on-X

  • Bone is cut away at time of surgery

  • Fewer implants and more prone to breaking from biting forces

  • Food traps cause bad breath and sickness

  • Must be removed every year for expensive cleanings

  • Lack of bone stimulation can contribute to long term bone loss

3 on 6™
Functions and feels like natural teeth
Never needs to be removed by a dentist
Promotes healthy bone in jaw
Does not need to be removed daily
Does not cause gagging or slurred speech
Does not fall out unexpectedly
Secured with implants and not glue
Can be placed even with significant bone loss
All-on-4, All-on-X, 3 on 6... I'm confused!

We get it, the terms can get very confusing. All-on-4 is a treatment concept developed by Nobel Biocare in 1977. Historically it has been very popular and many alternative variations of this treatment came into existence in the years following. The biggest variations were how many implants to use. While All-on-4 is a trademarked procedure, All-on-6 and All-on-X refer to these variations with varying numbers of implants used in the restoration.


The 3 on 6™ was developed in 2012 and was designed to correct some of the problems of the All-on-X style restorations. Most notably, All-on-X restorations generally require removal of bone from the patient's mouth to make room for the bulky acrylic gums. The 3 on 6™ on the other hand only restores the teeth and preserves the patient's bone. It is a more conservative and hygienic approach to full mouth restoration and functions and feels more natural for the patient.

Before making a decision, learn about the benefits of 3 on 6™ treatment.

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Not only is the 3 on 6™ a safer, more natural treatment,
we also save our patients on average $18,400
from their comparable full mouth treatment plan!

"I didn't want the fake gums, dentures.
I'm going to be smiling at everybody. They may send me to a psychiatrist I'm smiling so much. I love it, I'm beautiful."

Deborah3 on 6™ Patient

Before and after

Real Patients. Real Transformations.

Sleep peacefully, wake up with your new smile 

Full sedation under general anesthesia is offered at our office. You can sleep peacefully while your beautiful new 3 on 6™ smile is placed. We also offer immediately loaded dental implants. This means new temporary teeth will be placed the same day you receive your implants. From day 1 you will have an incredible new smile. 


Patient 1-hour after sedation surgery

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Free Consultation

Everything begins with a free consultation with a 3 on 6™ certified doctor. They will take scans of your mouth which they will use to determine if you are a candidate for the 3 on 6™.


At this initial consultation, they will also go over payment and financing options with you and determine if and when you would like to begin treatment.



Implant Surgery

At the following appointment, the implant surgery will take place. This can be done with local anesthesia or you can choose to be sedated. Surgery usually takes 3-4 hours for an arch, or 6-8 hours for a full mouth. You will wake up with a set of beautiful temporary teeth in your mouth.

After this surgery, the implants will need to heal for anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. During this time you will be on a soft foods diet. Our dental lab will design your new smile with the input you've given to your doctor on the shape and shade of the teeth.



Second Set of Bridges

After your implants are healed and strong, you will receive an updated set of temporary bridges. Anesthesia is not necessary for the replacement of the bridges. These temporary bridges will give you and your doctor the chance to make any final recommendations to the shape and shade before you get your final zirconia teeth.



Final Zirconia Teeth

Your final zirconia bridges will then be made by our in-house 3 on 6™ dental lab specialists. A final appointment will be scheduled in which the doctor will place your final bridges and ensure that it meets all of your expectations. Patients can be in their final bridges anywhere from 4-8 months after surgery, depending on the complexity of the case and patient requests.

Your new 3 on 6™ smile will be beautiful and permanent. You don't have to ever remove it and can maintain it with simple brushing and flossing. You can smile, speak, kiss, and chew with confidence!

per arch as low as


on approved credit

Cash price starts at around $19,999 per arch

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BioHorizons Dental Implants

We know the importance of using high quality implants and connections that provide stability and longevity. Our office uses BioHorizons dental implants. BioHorizons is one of the worldwide leaders in dental implant technology, and we can see the difference as we achieve incredible surgical success and implant longevity for our patients.  

Although it may just look like a screw to the untrained eye, BioHorizons spends millions of dollars in research and development creating the perfect implant. These implants integrate quickly and effectively to the bone, and eliminate weak points that are susceptible to breakage and failure. BioHorizons implants also carry a lifetime warranty.  

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