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A breakthrough in full mouth smile restoration

The 3 on 6™ is the better alternative to dentures. It is permanent, beautiful, comfortable, and low maintenance.

Improving Smiles. Changing Lives.

Over 60% of 3 on 6™ patients had previously decided to not pursue any treatment because the treatment plans they received were too expensive.​
The 3 on 6™ has made permanent smile restoration affordable and accessible for many people who previously were left to choose between dentures or a smile they weren't happy with.


Permanent Placement

Six implants are placed to provide permanent strength and protect from bone loss.

Beautiful Bridges

Three beautiful, bright, and incredibly strong zirconia bridges are attached to the implants.


Control and Comfort

With no acrylic mouthpiece, eating and speaking feels just like using your natural teeth.

Minimal Maintenance

No glues or rinses. Brushing and flossing are all that is needed.

More than just a new smile...

Restoring someone's beautiful smile has the effect of changing how they interact with people, and more importantly how they feel about themselves. Whether it's asking for a raise or inviting someone to dinner, being confident in their smile has made a world of difference.

Don't wait! Restore the beauty and confidence that will improve your life for the better. Your only regret will be that you hadn't done it sooner.

The 3 on 6™ Process

Step 1: Free Consultation

Everything begins with a free consultation with a 3 on 6™ certified doctor. They will take scans of your mouth which they will use to determine if you are a candidate for the 3 on 6™.


At this initial consultation, they will also go over payment and financing options with you and determine if and when you would like to begin treatment.


Step 2: Implant Surgery

At the following appointment, the implant surgery will take place. This can be done with local anesthesia or you can choose to be sedated. After this surgery, the implants will need to heal for anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.


During this time you will receive temporary bridges so that you are not toothless while you heal. Our dental lab will use scans of your teeth or pre-designed models to design your new smile. You will have input on the design including the shade of the teeth.


Step 3: Temporary Restoration

After your implants are healed and strong, you will receive an updated set of temporary bridges. These are made out of a cheaper material and will give you the chance to make any recommendations before you get your final teeth.


After trying the bridges for a few weeks, the doctor will meet with you and based on your feedback, they may make some modifications to your bridges.


Step 4: Final Bridges

Your final zirconia bridges will then be made by our in-house 3 on 6™ dental lab specialists, based on the specifications from your doctor. A final appointment will be scheduled in which the doctor will place your final bridges and ensure that it meets all of your expectations.

Your new 3 on 6™ smile will be beautiful and permanent. You don't have to ever remove it and can maintain it with simple brushing and flossing. You can smile, speak, kiss, and chew with confidence!


Find a Licensed

3 on 6™

Provider Near You

The 3 on 6™ treatment is only offered by 3 on 6™ licensed offices. These doctors have received extensive training on treatment planning and surgery and have access to the 3 on 6™ lab. You can find the location nearest you here.



  1. Patient's bone in mouth is preserved

  2. Patient's natural gums are used

  3. Easy to clean at home with standard brushing and flossing



  1. Bone is removed to create space for the bulky restoration

  2. The fake acrylic gumline creates food traps that are very difficult to clean at home

  3. Must be removed regularly for expensive cleanings


3 on 6™ Limited Lifetime Guarantee


Our 3 on 6™ procedure comes with a limited lifetime guarantee with participating providers. Our goal is to make your new 3 on 6™ smile last you for the rest of your life. By following our guidelines and oral health directions, we know that it can happen!​

Some benefits of the guarantee includes free implant replacement in the first year due to failure, lifetime full implant replacement if no osseointegration occurs, lifetime bite adjustments by your provider, discounted replacement bridges, and more!


Check with your provider to see if they offer the guarantee and for terms and conditions.


Variations in local economies, tax codes, and financing options, mean that the pricing will not be the same for every location.


For accurate pricing, please schedule a free consultation or call us at 888-877-5790.

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