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Gums and Papilla with 3 on 6™ Treatment

One common concern patients have when learning about the 3 on 6™ process is how their gums and papilla (the pink gum tissue that fills the space between your teeth) will look immediately following the surgery, as well as long-term. This is a legitimate concern since some recession of the bone can be expected, and nobody wants a visible gap between their gums and their teeth. Because your 3 on 6™ teeth rest right against your natural gum line, the way your gums look is just as important as your teeth!

3 on 6™ patient with natural gums

We perform hundreds of full mouth restoration surgeries every year and have extensive experience making sure your papilla stays beautiful. Starting from the placement of your implants, through to the design of your bridges, your doctor is taking the long-term esthetic of your smile into consideration. We want your smile to last as long as possible, without requiring significant maintenance. It’s as much in our interest as it is yours. We have many patients who have been coming back for years post 3 on 6™ treatment to get cleanings and they still have healthy gums and beautiful, natural-looking papilla.

Immediately following your implant surgery you can expect some tenderness and swelling of the gums. Our offices take great care to make sure recovery will be as quick and painless as possible, and many look natural and feel great as soon as the next day. If there is swelling or soreness, it will typically last less than a week.

A certain amount of bone recession is expected in areas where there are no implants, so the design of your 3 on 6™ smile takes this into account. In what is known as “tissue management”, your doctor will go through various steps to make sure your gums and papilla heal into a beautiful and natural looking smile. A long-lasting and beautiful smile is the result of a combination of the skillful treatment from the doctor and the good hygiene and habits of the patient.

Gums immediately after receiving 3 on 6™ final bridges

While you will have a beautiful smile after your 3 on 6™ treatment, the importance of at-home hygiene cannot be overstated. Lack of good hygiene can cause periodontal disease which will cause the gums to start receding and will contribute to bone loss. Regular brushing and flossing under your bridges and around your dental implants are essential for maintaining healthy gums, bone, and dental implants. Of course, personal health isn’t always within someone’s control, and bridges can be replaced if necessary with discounted pricing through our Limited Lifetime Guarantee.

After your 3 on 6™ is placed, you will receive detailed instructions for care and maintenance. Following the suggested hygiene instructions will give your new smile the greatest longevity. Ask your doctor about any concerns you have or problems you see in your mouth. It’s always best to address any issues early.

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