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From Baltimore To The Nation's Capital, 3 on 6™ Is Now Available

ODENTON, MARYLAND - At the half-way point between Washington D.C. and Baltimore is the idyllic city of Odenton, Maryland. This quickly growing city now hosts the newest authorized 3 on 6™ provider, Dr. Edna Buckle of Avie Oral Surgery. The 3 on 6™ is a dental treatment for permanently replacing all of the teeth in the mouth using dental implants and bridges, a method that is far superior to dentures and other alternatives.

"The innovative procedure, the results, and the long term outcomes are life changing and I’m excited to be part of that," said Dr. Buckle, DDS. Having completed her dental degree at the University of Maryland, Dr. Buckle completed four years of oral and maxillofacial surgery training at Howard University Hospital in Washington, DC.

Dr. Buckle was well aware of the sometimes unnecessary harm caused to patients in an effort to restore their smile, including removing bone from the patient's mouth to create space for bulky prosthetics. After discovering the 3 on 6™ treatment option, she knew she wanted to be a part of offering more conservative and hygienic smile restoration. "What a wonderful gift to be able to give patients a new smile without taking away excess bone! The results are truly remarkable," she shared.

The 3 on 6™ procedure was developed by Dr. Randy Roberts in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2013 as a permanent, implant supported solution for people needing all of their teeth replaced. The motivation behind the creation of the procedure was to preserve the patient's healthy bone and reduce the cost of restoring a permanent smile to an edentulous patient.

The 3 on 6™ treatment leverages the latest technology to restore smiles in a way that is not traumatic for the patient and costs less than other previous options. The use of 3D printers, intraoral, tomography, and photogrammetry scanners, surgical guides, and other technologies have allowed doctors to offer predictable 3 on 6™ treatment with an extremely high success rate.

Avie Oral Surgery joins a network of other 3 on 6™ providers in Utah, Massachusetts, Colorado, Arizona, Oklahoma, Michigan, British Columbia, Washington, and Alaska.

Avie Oral Surgery provides service to the areas of Washington D.C., Baltimore, Annapolis, Columbia, Hanover, Laurel, Pasadena, Glen Burnie, Upper Marlboro, Alexandria, Gaithersburg, Silverspring, Fairfax, and more.

Learn more about 3 on 6™ treatment from Avie Oral Surgery.

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