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Smile Clinic Arizona

7032 E Cochise Rd, Ste A200

Scottsdale, AZ 85253


crowns, dental implants, bone grafting, sedation, dentures, over-dentures, All-on-4, 3 on 6™, and more.



My name is Dr. John Kim and I attended Loma Linda Dental School, UCLA, and Pomona College. I enjoy getting to know my patients and developing a friendship with them, and I want to make an exceptional difference in your life through your new teeth.


My desire is to give you an amazing smile that you can show off to your friends or family, or at work, without feeling hesitant or embarrassed. I want to help you feel more confident about yourself through your new teeth and smile. I also want to help you enjoy the foods you love again, without any discomfort or pain, and stop any hesitancy to eat that steak, apple, or favorite food you love.


If your teeth are causing you to have anxiety, I want to relieve that stress so you can go about your normal day and life, without having to worry about your teeth. I firmly believe that your teeth should be a natural extension of your personality and identity. As your dentist, I pledge to work tirelessly to provide you with a smile that you will be overjoyed about, and will exceed your expectations.


Our team here, including Alex, Erika, and Monique will do everything we can to ensure your happiness, working together with our in-house lab and extensive team in Utah. I look forward to serving you!

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Implants are placed after any necessary extractions, sinus lifts, or bone grafts are completed


We give you a temporary denture or bridges and after three months it is replaced with your final zirconia bridges.


You can smile confidently with your beautiful, new, permanent, 3 on 6™ smile!


Never has to be removed

More secure with six implants

Feels like natural teeth in the mouth

Clean easily with brushing and flossing

Modern advances with a lowered cost

How does the 3 on 6

compare to other options?

The 3 on 6™ is certainly not your only option for full mouth teeth replacement, but for patients who have enough bone, there is no better procedure. Take a look at how it compares to the other available treatment options.


"My confidence is back, I smile, I can eat whatever I want, I can go out to dinner. After I first got them in my first meal was a steak and that was the best tasting steak I've ever eaten in my life. My daughter is extremely jealous of my smile now, she says, 'Your teether are whiter than mine, that's not fair dad!'"


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